I'm Chibi Zaké, a 25yo french person who draw since a long time now.
When I was young I wanted to be a mangaka, I liked, and still like to create stories and characters but for now I focus myself on illustration.
Creating ask a lot of time, it is why I can't focus myself on my stories for now because I have an other job, but I hope to develop them later !
I specialized myself on copic markers, a traditional media. I love the feeling of paper and marker on it. I love soft colors, gradient and drawing characters.
I mainly draw girls, my style is pretty cute and manga inspired. I do not do real NSFW drawing but sometimes I draw topless character (so TW nudity / soft NSFW).
Email : [email protected]
Discord : Chibi Zaké#4572
(contact me in english or french please)

You want to commission me ?

Please, contact me before making an order !
Contact me on Twitter, Facebook, Discord ( Chibi Zaké#4572 ) or Email ( [email protected] ).
I speak english & french.
Payment via Ko-Fi (with the commission button) or paypal.

Check the note below commission sheets for line options.
Please, check my ToS (term of service) before any order.


Please note that the prices are always based prices and can be different according to what you want, especially for backgrounds. Please contact me for a real estimation.
If you just want the scanned version of the drawing (so no sending of the original) contact me, the price will be reduced by 3€.
The dollar price indicated is just an estimate, it can change more or less with the conversion rate. Use the PayPal currency converter tool to convert the total price in the currency you want.
There are the good settings (adapt to your country & currency) :

Material used

I mainly use Copic markers (so alcohol markers) but I can use in addition to them coloured pencils, pastels, watercolor & Posca (acrylic markers).

Messy sketch

1 character, digital only. Only with Ko-Fi tips.
Deadline : maximum 1 month.


1 character, standard shipping included (no tracking, no insurance).
Line option below.
Note that the background price can be higher according to complexity.
You can use the portrait commission as profil picture (but credit me in the picture description / your bio if possible)
Deadline : no delay, generally within 3 months.


1 or 2 characters, standard shipping included (no tracking, no insurance).
Line option below.
Note that the background price can be higher according to complexity.
Deadline : no delay, generally within 3 months.

Chibi Profil picture

Sketch : 8€ (10$)
Flat colour : 15€ (
Full colour : 20€ (~25$)
Deadline : maximum 1 month.

Note : Line option
I have 2 style of line, the style A (classic) is classic & can be colored, the style B (dynamic) is more dynamic but only in black.
The style B can still have some details in color, like in the example, but the character itself is black.
Possibility to mix the 2 styles (like style A for the skin, style B for the clothes).
For full colour drawing (except chibi), I can make a no line drawing (last example).


If you want something else, please contact me at [email protected] or with the contact form here.Traditional drawing only !
Deadline : depending on what you want.
I speak english & french.

Term of service

All my drawings are for personal use only (so no CryptoArt), payment upfront is preferred (Ko-Fi or Paypal), possibility to pay 50-50 for big commission (50% upfront, 50% after validation of the sketch, Paypal only), you can't modify the drawing, you can post the drawing but mention me (if possible otherwise just credit me) + put the link to this websiteI have the right to refuse a commission (if you have already paid with Ko-Fi I refund you at 100%)I do not accept payment in cryptocurrency or NFT.I have the right to use the final drawing as commission's example, in my portfolio and my social networks.
I can make a speed draw on Youtube with your commission (tell me if you really don't want).
Note for adoptable and character design
- Not for a commercial use except if I say explicitly yes (price will be different)
- You can't resell them
- Exchange OK (adoptable only)
- Credit me for the original design (you're not obliged to post my original drawing, but it's appreciated)
- You can modify the design but please, keep it recognizable
Note for portrait & chibi headshot
You can use them as profil picture if you want but if possible credit me on the picture description or in your bio.

I do

  • My original character (OC)

  • Your OC

  • Fanart

  • Real person (with a photo)

  • Random character or public domain character

  • Nude (not porn)

  • Girls

  • Boys

  • Animal features (wings, horn, scales...)

  • Mermaid

  • Simple natural background (sky, grasses, roses...)

  • Simple city background (wall...)

I don't

  • Animals

  • Muscle character

  • Old character

  • Mecha

  • Furry

  • NSFW

  • Heavy armor

  • Racist, sexist, illegal content

  • Complex background

  • Other style than my habitual style


No delay, I contact you within 7 days for details (for a Ko-Fi commission without having contacted me before). Please contact me before your order (to see details and if I can do it or not).
In general, the drawing will be finish within 3 month.
Extra fee for imposed delay (depend of the delay you want).
Special case : messy sketches and chibi headshot are made within 1 month.
The custom commission will depend on what you ask for.
I can't guarantee the delivery time of the post office.


If you want to cancel your order :
- no refund if I started to draw on the final piece
- half refund if I just made the sketch
- total refund if I didn't start yet
If I can't make the drawing (for wathever reason) I refund you at 100%.
No refund for the messy sketch


Half & full body + chibi :
- After your order, I make some preliminary sketches for the pose, you can chose one of them and tell me some details
- I make a cleaner sketch of the chosen pose. After that you can ask for 2 little changes (more than that will ask you extra fee, 3€ for 2 changes). If you want a big change (change the pose for example) it will cost you extra fee too (depends on your ask)
- Then I start the final piece, I will send you my progress step by step and make some color test before that you can validate
Portrait :
- I make a first sketch, you can tell me if it's OK or what you want I change (3 sketches max)
- I make a cleaner sketch with all your precedent change. You can ask again for 2 little changes (more than that will ask you extra fee, 3€ for 2 changes)
- Then I start the final piece, I will send you my progress step by step and make some color test before that you can validate
Messy sketch :
- After your order I make a quick pose test (with something like a stick figure), you can valide it or change it (2 change max)
- Then I start the messy sketch. You can ask me to change some little things (to fit more with you character)


I send you a scanned version (if possible*) and the physical drawing (by default it's a standard sending, without insurance or tracking).
The messy sketch & chibi headshot are digital only.
- If you want a letter with tracking you have to pay a 3€ extra
- If you want a letter with tracking, delivered against signature & insurance (if it lost or damage by the travel) you have to pay a 6€ extra
These extra can be paid with paypal.
- For the scanned versions : if the scan version is possible, you'll receive 2 versions, a little resolution (300dpi) with & without watermark (you can only use the watermark version on internet except for profil picture) and a big resolution (600dpi) (personal use only). Only for standard commission ! The messy sketch will be in 300dpi only.
I am not responsible for postage delays, losses or degradations made during sending !*Scanned version : some colours don't go with the scanner, so if you absolutely want a scanned version, tell me before the coloration !


I have a Ko-Fi shop available here :


My Ko-Fi supporters have access to some rewards.The main reward is the messy sketch (check my commission tab), but I post some wip or downloadable content time to time.The downloadable drawings are for personal use only. You can't repost them, modify them or make money from them.
For line drawings, you can colour them but you have to credit me for the line if you post them. If you can, mention me or add the link to this website please.